D. B. Forys


A programmer and graphic designer by education, a writer by passion. I write mainly fantasy - it's hard for me to create a story in which nothing falls from the sky or comes from the ground, but I happen to experiment with thriller or romance. I started my writing adventure by publishing stories on the website chomikuj.pl and wattpad.com. Since 2015, I have been associated with the Ailes Literary Group.


I live and work in Wrocław, but I dream of a small house in sunny Tenerife. I have a million ideas that I try to accomplish step by step, I always complain about the lack of time. A fan of novels by Paulo Coelho and movies by Quentin Tarantinos. I am fond of comic superheroes, and I also admire the works of Warhol and Lichtenstein. I can listen to Aurora for hours.


For today I can boast of two publications: "The Hour of the Devil", containing "Tessa Brown" and "Josephine", as well as "MDS: Love Revolutions", where you can read my "Lacrimosa". You can find me also in the forthcoming "Rainy Dreams" antology. However, I'm slowly working on the release of my solo novel, "Only Alive May Die". Maybe soon you will have the opportunity to place it on the shelf as well.


If I won the lottery, I would buy a bookstore or a library so that I would never run out of books to read. I would like to create a story that would make my readers and myself proud.

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Godzina Diabła - Grupa Ailes
MDS: Miłosne Rewolucje


Hour Of The Devil

Godzina Diabła

Release date: September 24, 2017

Content: 660 pages

ISBN e-book: 978-83-7859-855-8

ISBN paperback: 978-83-7859-862-6

Publisher: e-bookowo.pl

Language: polish

Category: horror, paranormal, comedy, action, fantasy

An hour, sixty minutes, three thousand six hundred seconds. At this time, almost everything can happen...

We invite you to a mesmerizing journey into the Hour of the Devil. Stories collected in this anthology will capture your senses, drag you into the abyss of dark sensations and surprises, transferring you to a world that becomes real in just one moment...

Do you have enough courage to accompany us?

The collection includes my two stories: "Tessa Brown" (prequel of the novel "Only Alive May Die") and "Josephine".

Profit from the sale was intended for

Animal Support Foundation "ROKA".

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MDS: Love Revolutions

MDS Miłosne Rewolucje

Release date: June 7, 2018

Content 770 pages

ISBN e-book: 978-83-7859-932-6

ISBN paperback: 978-83-7859-933-3

Publisher: e-bookowo.pl

Language: polish

Categories: anthology, modern literature, romance, comedy, erotic

What can a hacker, a pair of spies, zombies, serial killer, witch and boxer combine? To find out the answer to this question, take a journey with meanders of romance and erotic in the stories contained in this anthology. MDS: Love Revolutions is a re-edition of a previously released collection. You will find in it a refreshed version of old works, as well as completely new, unique stories. The common denominator for all texts is the abbreviation MDS, whose development will remain temporarily our sweet secret. Are you curious what the secret is? Well, see for yourself, tasting the mixture of sweetness of the first ecstasy, the piquancy of forbidden feelings, the bitterness of lost love.

The collection includes my story: "Lacrimosa".

Profit from the sale was intended for

Hospice Foundation For Homeless Cats.

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